BlockChain Developer Bitcoin-Reputed IT Industry- Delhi NCR, India- 12 LPA

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Gurgaon, Haryana, India
Seven Consultancy
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Responsibilities:1.Research, design, develop, and test blockchain technologies.2.Brainstorm and help evaluate applications for new tools and technologies as they continually evolve.3.Be constantly updated with what is happening in the blockchain, decentralization, fintech and software world around.4.Should be able to understand how to handle backups related to blockchain systems and also best strategies to save network and storage-based costs.5.Should be able to assume ownership of external systems and the internal linkages and setup of the platform.Requirements:1.Familiarity with web frameworks.2.Familiarity with common blockchain systems.3.Hands-on experience with setting up blockchain networks from ground up and moulding the network to suit specific use cases.4.Solid understanding of enterprise requirements in a blockchain-based system.5.Experience with Solidity, web3.js, Geth.6.Experience/Familiarity with AWS is a plus.7.Production readiness, dAPP architecture and Network architecture (at least one production grade implementation experience).8.Strong knowledge of writing pieces of code that can handle high volume concurrent requests to the blockchain system.9.Strong familiarity with P2P networks and how things should work in and around enterprise-level blockchain systems.10.Familiarity with basic cryptography to understand the essentials of blockchain systems.11.Ability to understand the needed API connectivity between standard applications and the frontend with the dApps or the blockchain set up at the backend.12.Experience with Nodejs and basic javascript; and a NoSQL db like Mongodb is needed.13.Past experience with Wallets or Crypto Exchanges would be a major plusFUNCTIONAL AREABlockchain Developer Bitcoin job in Delhi NCR, Blockchain Developer job in Delhi NCR, Blockchain Developer Bitcoin job in Delhi NCR, Blockchain Technologies jobs in Delhi NCR, blockchain technologies jobs in Delhi NCR, Jobs in cryptography, Jobs in blockchain systems, jobs in Crypto Exchanges, Crypto Exchanges jobs in Delhi NCR, Crypto Exchanges in Delhi NCR, Blockchain Recruitment agency in Delhi, Blockchain Recruitment Consultant in Delhi, Blockchain Recruitment Platform in Delhi, Crypto Recruitment agency in Delhi, Crypto Recruitment Consultant in Delhi, Blockchain Recruitment Companies in Delhi, Cryptocurrency Recruitment agency in Delhi, Cryptocurrency Recruitment Consultant in Delhi, Bitcoin Recruitment agency in Delhi, Blockchain Developer Jobs in Delhi, Blockchain Recruitment agency in India, Blockchain Recruitment Consultant in India.Apply Now
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