Lead DevOps Engineer - IT Infrastructure

Delhi, Delhi, India

As a Lead DevOps Engineer, you would be incharge of managing the devOps team and your remit shall include the following :

- Private Cloud - Design & maintain a high performance and reliable network architecture to support HPC applications

- Scheduling Tool - Implement and maintain a HPC scheduling technology like Kubernetes, Hadoop YARN Mesos, HTCondor or Nomad for processing & scheduling analytical jobs. Implement controls which allow analytical jobs to seamlessly utilize ideal capacity on the private cloud.

- Security - Implementing best security practices and implementing data isolation policy between different divisions internally.

- Capacity Sizing - Monitor private cloud usage and share details with different teams. Plan capacity enhancements on a quarterly basis.

- Storage solution - Optimize storage solutions like NetApp, EMC, Quobyte for analytical jobs. Monitor their performance on a daily basis to identify issues early.

- NFS - Implement and optimize latest version of NFS for our use case.

- Public Cloud - Drive AWS/Google-Cloud utilization in the firm for increasing efficiency, improving collaboration and for reducing cost. Maintain the environment for our existing use cases. Further explore potential areas of using public cloud within the firm.

- BackUps - Identify and automate back up of all crucial data/binary/code etc in a secured manner at -such duration warranted by the use case. Ensure that recovery from back-up is tested and seamless.

- Access Control - Maintain password less access control and improve security over time. Minimize failures for automated job due to unsuccessful logins.

- Operating System - Plan, test and roll out new operating system for all production, simulation and desktop environments. Work closely with developers to highlight new performance enhancements capabilities of new versions.

- Configuration management - Work closely with DevOps/ development team to freeze configurations/playbook for various teams & internal applications. Deploy and maintain standard tools such as Ansible, Puppet, chef etc for the same.

- Data Storage & Security Planning - Maintain a tight control of root access on various devices. Ensure root access is rolled back as soon the desired objective is achieved.

- Audit access logs on devices. Use third party tools to put in a monitoring mechanism for early detection of any suspicious activity.

- Maintaining all third party tools used for development and collaboration

- This shall include maintaining a fault tolerant environment for GIT/Perforce, productivity tools such as Slack/Microsoft team, build tools like Jenkins/Bamboo etc

Qualifications :

- Bachelors or Masters Level Degree, preferably in CSE/IT

- 10+ years of relevant experience in sys-admin function

- Must have strong knowledge of IT Infrastructure, Linux, Networking and grid.

- Must have strong grasp of automation & Data management tools.

- Efficient in scripting languages and python

Desirables :

- Professional attitude, co-operative and mature approach to work, must be focused, structured and well considered, troubleshooting skills.

- Exhibit a high level of individual initiative and ownership, effectively collaborate with other team members.


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